MDOPA Leadership

An Executive Board governs the Miami-Dade Optometric Physicians Association. The Executive Board consists of 5 elected officers (President, Immediate Past President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and appointed Trustees to the Board. It is empowered to conduct MDOPA business and meets every month to:

  • Transact MDOPA business.
  • Establish MDOPA policy
In addition, MDOPA Adjunct Board members may advise the MDOPA Board of Trustees at these monthly meetings. The adjunct members consist of a Florida Optometric Association representative, a Southern Council of Optometrists representative and a Dr. Bruce Heiken Memorial Fund representative.

MDOPA Board Members:                                                         

President: Laura Espinosa Davis, O.D.
Vice President: Eric Chow, O.D.
Treasurer:  Celina Diego, O.D.
Secretary: Samantha Fernandez, O.D. 
Immediate Past President:  Raphael Perez, O.D. 
Trustees:  Teresita A. Bollar, O.D. 
                  Carmen Perez Blanco, O.D 
               Tanya Pakzad, O.D  
Adjunct Board Members
Florida Optometric Association: Adam Stelzer, O.D. & Nathan Etten, O.D.
Dr. Bruce Heiken Memorial Fund: Alan Levitt, O.D.